The Half Moon Market

Hey! Its happening! Bring your Vaxx ID, grab a pint and lets have ourselves a crafty shindig!

Tour the second floor of the Kings Head Pub here.

Artisan Line up:

Nyco Rudolph

Northstar Tea

Kandee’s Dessert Hummus

Ran Wei Ceramics

Blacks SlideShow

Strings n Blings

Tipsycake by Mel

Cotton & Clove Macramé

Amy Cundall Pottery

The Kitsch Witch

The Witches Cat Co

The Burch Tree

Lemon Art Stand

Yellow Door Art

Jack be Thimble

Assemblage Studio

KH Abstracts

proPEGate Manitoba

1882 Fruit Based Hot Sauce

Shiver Soaps ( of course! )

Live Long & Sew

Strings Attached

Prairie Vintage Silverware

All market inquiries can now be sent to

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