The Half Moon Market – Artisan Info & Registration

6A0B340B-25C3-4190-9986-B40FB62CAB21Next show: May 5, 2018 at the Kings Head Pub! Oh my oh my! Early birds will be contacted Feb 17, 2018.  Registrations open to all on Feb 24th. Registration info and link will be posted on this web page.  Room for 25 artisans, roughly half  will be brand new and half will be returning gems. 

Helpful Tips For Half Moon Virgins 

The heart of the Half Moon is to think outside the craft box.

To learn more about this show, please check out the  Half Moon Market Facebook pageand the photo feed on Instagram(Halfmoonmarketwpg). I hope you will see how this show is done for the love of it, for the fun of it and I drop the occasional F-bomb. A few artisans use colorful language in their art and I fully embrace this.

If you are brand new to the Half Moon Market, you will be given a head start on applications. Early Bird registration will begin ➡️Feb 17, 2018 ⬅️ for the May 5th 2018 show. If you wish to be on the early bird list please email But remember, only 👼🏼virgins👼🏼 can be early birds! Being an early bird DOES NOT guarantee you a spot, however is does give you an advantage. The Spring 2018 early bird list  currently has over 38 names! The pub can accommodate 25 artisans and each show is a mix of new and returning artisans. So, unfortunately, there is not enough room for each amazing artisan on the early bird list ❤️🎨


For All You Gorgeous Artisans… there are some guidelines


Please read the Artisan Requirements 

Artisans will be accepted based on a combination of qualities including

  1. you create something that pushes the boundary of craft
  2. you make something no one else at the market is making
  3. you make something that might not be easily found in a store or other craft shows

There are 25 available spaces at the Kings Head Pub. Duplicate crafts are limited which means that jewelry, bodycare and knitting can fill up fast!

Do you sell something edible?

In order to sell edible goodies, The Half Moon Market adhere’s to the province’s Farmers Market Guidelines.

Updated for 2018! This is an important read if you want to sell at the Half Moon:   MB Health – Farmer Market Guidelines

The Half Moon Market registers all food and beverage vendors with MB Health. If you sell something edible please be prepared to submit a list of all the things you make, bake and create. Individual food vendor forms are no longer required by MB Health! 


Half Moon May-hemSpring show: May 5, 2018 at the Kings Head Pub

Early bird registration begins Feb 17, 2018. Artisans who have never sold at a Half Moon market before and who have provided me with their email address will be contacted. 

General registration available Feb 24th. 💻🔗 Link and details will be posted here on Feb 24.