Shiver Soap

I began making soap in my early 20s but it had been a curious crafty obsession since I was a child. I collected bar soaps from hotels, decorative soaps, large bars,  intricate mini soaps and sample sized shampoos. Soap was the best gift I could ever receive! Finally in a bachelor suite in West Broadway, I started planning Shiver Soaps. I took books out from the library. I learned how to calculate recipes manually  (now I just plug everything into an online soap calculator) and one paycheck at a time bought a couple start up supplies. At that time FoodFare sold little bottles of lye for $6 which was perfect for a beginner! They soon discontinued their lye so I had to find another supplier which currently only sells lye in minimum $100 quantities.  I have enough lye stored in my bedroom to get rid of numerous bodies!

I have changed my soap logo, branding and style a million times but always remained Shiver Soaps. Its been so fun!

 Soap Menu 

Please order via email: One day I will figure out how to create an online shop! All soap is 7 cents a gram which means bars range from $4-10 depending on size. 

Beer Top – lard based soap with hemp oil and grated beer soap on top

Ylang Ylang – lard based with almond oil,  crushed apricot exfoliant, austrailian red clay and ylang ylang essential oil

Honey’d – coconut oil, lard, almond oil, dealcoholized wine, local honey, dried flowers

Shea & Cucumber ( vegan ) – lots of shea butter, vegan shortening, almond oil, coconut oil, powdered cucumber extract, apple cider vinegar and a blend of essential oils

Lard & Hemp – home rendered lard, organic hemp oil, cocoabutter, coconut oil, beeswax. No essentials oils. Uber gentle. This is what I use for washing my face!  And toss out those expensive exfoliators – brown sugar or baking soda a couple times a week is all the magic you need. 

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