The Half Moon Market – Introduction

A Labor of Love


 After years of doing shows in church basements, community centres  and small festivals, I created the Half Moon which reflects everything I would want in a show: a sense of community, fun, affordability and booze!   I am not in this to make big profits – I have a day job to pay the bills. This is genuine labor of love.


The Half Moon Market strives to be a craft show that thinks outside the craft box. As a customer, imagine browsing one of a kind local artisans with a glass of draft. Twenty- foot ceilings fill with sunlight and IMG_2679outside you hear the hum of Winnipeg’s historical ex change district.  As an artisan, imagine being part of a vibrant sale. In between customers you can order a martini from the bar or help yourself to complimentary snacks.  The Half Moon Market aims to showcase a diverse, ever changing group of artisans. There are two shows a year (omg I just added a 3rd show!) and each event will offer an variety of new and returning artisans.

The Half Moon intends to be affordable in order to provide hobby artisans a quality venue to sell their creations.  We have all been new at our craft and looking for opportunities to promote our wares!  Crafting virgins and veterans are equally welcome at The Half Moon.

The Half Moon will never charge customers an admission price. ( If I had to pay to shop at local stores or at a farmer’s markets, I would go elsewhere)



Interested in selling your handmade creations at the Half Moon? Click HERE.


I appreciate each artisan who pushes the boundaries of their craft; who makes me laugh out loud, drool and stare in curious amazement. The heart of the Half Moon is to think outside the craft box. To quote a funky former Winnipeg event “This Ain’t Your Grandmas Craft Show!” 

I hope to see you at the next Half Moon Market! 



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