Current Creations

Hello Soap Lovers!

Shiver SWhen I started making soap over 10 years ago there weren’t many soap sellers. Times have changed so Shiver has developed new recipes and have done more research about where and how my raw materials are sourced. Here is what you can expect from Shiver’s upcoming craft sales:

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Soap – made with peanut butter from my cupboards and raw cocoa butter. No essential oils needed – it  smells light and sweet
  • Coffee Soap – made with triple strength fair trade coffee + coffee grinds and cocoa butter. Coffee is an odor neutralizer. Ever gone to a perfume shop and smelled coffee beans in between sampling? This soap contains no essential oils and will help remove strong odors from hands like, garlic, onion or gasoline. Its one hard working soap!
  • Amethyst Soap – with raw stones I picked from the amethyst mine myself! One batch also contains Himilayan Pink Salt for exfoliating
  • Fight Club – FIGHT CLUB. Yes, it is pink.
  • Honey Maple Oat Soap – no essential oils
  • Red wine and Sage. Exactly.
  • Beer and Bacon soap – made with 6 months worth of bacon fat drippings, Mississippi Mud beer and a little charcoal. ( Time to get rid of the Irish Spring guys… try this instead!)

Other Shiver treats in the works

  • Eau De Shiver – an authentic eau de cologne made with some very special essential oils and “cured” for 6 weeks ( yup, i charge just $7 )
  •  Foaming hand soap made with coconut oil and castile. A fantastic option for those who prefer soap that comes with a pump! ($5 because who needs to be a capitalist??? )
  • Sugar Scrubs – individual heart shaped scrubs that break / melt into your hand in the shower. An exfoliating and sweet little treat made from soap base, sunflower oil, white sugar and extra goodies.


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